While The BoardBench Companies, LLC is a retained board governance consulting, director search, rebalancing, and succession company that may be viewed by some as one of many such firms, we are, in fact, highly personal, detailed, and exceptional. Exceptional in that our entire business is strictly focused on the boardroom, and improving business strength through strategic corporate governance. We provide governance services that add to a foundation on which to improve their business, future growth, and sustainability. We do this by offering carefully thought-out research and consultative guidance to boards, CEOs and owners, and by providing consistently excellent and objective strategic board insight and guidance. We are exceptional at digging into the details of what best serves our clients business operations, immediate and long-term objectives, culture, and growth.  BoardBench is exceptional in the high level of personal service it provides to its clients, and the close relationships it has and continues to develop with top performing executives/professionals.  All client assignments and relationships are executed only by the senior executive team, assuring the highest level of service and responsibility for success.  Lastly, we are exceptional in our persistence -- once engaged, we will not stop until our clients are unequivocally satisfied.



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